First Impressions: Faery: Legends of Avalon

With my long “weekend” in the middle of last week, I decided to see what games I could find on Live.  After scrolling through the arcade list, I came across a game called Faery: Legends of Avalon.  The screenshots & description piqued my interest, so I downloaded the trial.  After playing through some of the first area, I decided to buy the full game.

Faery takes place in the world of Avalon, the realm of Merlin & King Arthur.  The story is that you play as a faery who has just been awakened from stasis, which you voluntarily entered for a reason you can’t remember.  You’re summoned by the faery king, who tells  you that the faery realms are dying because men have forgotten about magic.  You must travel through mirrors to other realms to save the kingdom.

Gameplay, as you’d imagine, involves a lot of flying.  Aside from the barrier around each area, you can fly anywhere you want.  Shooting & diving through the air is a lot of fun.  You fly around, taking quests from people (other mythical creatures such as trolls & mermaids) & occasionally fighting creatures.  The battle system is turn-based.  At first you can only take one action, but as you level up you gain more actions.  You can also metomorphisize your faery, changing your wings & other features to give yourself new powers.

I’m about half way through the game right now.  I’m not a huge fantasy universe expert, but the world of faeries seems pretty accurate.  Faes, pixies, trolls & other creatures seem pretty true to most fantasy worlds.  The game definitely makes you feel like a small faery in a much bigger world, especially the third world, the Flying Dutchman.  Flying through the broken hull of a ghost ship is a bit eerie, but looks pretty cool.  Plus, most of the creatures you fight aren’t giant monsters but regular animals, like seagulls or termites.  But you do get to fight dryads & ghosts, so I’m sure there will be more fanciful enemies later.

On the negative, all dialogue is text-based.  The combat is repetitive & a bit too easy, even for me.  With everything in the area explorable, it can be easy to miss things.  Plus, interactions with your companions seem a bit limited.

Bee v. Butterfly smackdown time

It’ll probably only take another one or two sessions with the game to finish, & I’ll have a proper review up then.

– GamerDame


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