Good Games… That I Never Finished

Have you ever played a game but for some reason never got around to finishing it?  I know I certainly have.  And I don’t mean a game that was so terrible you couldn’t stand to finish.  I’m talking about really good games that you just kinda stop playing half way through.  For some reason you just lose the motivation to keep playing.  It just sits there on your shelf (or in your tv stand, in my case) begging you to finish.  Sometimes you see it & think, “Man, I really need to finish that,” but you never pick it up again.

For me, the downfall seems to be if I start playing another game before I’ve finished one.  If I don’t get back to it, I risk losing interest in finishing it.  Or if I read or watch something that spoils the ending of the game, which also makes me lose motivation.  Part of the fun of playing a game is seeing what happens next.

I’m not saying it happens a lot, but it has happened.  So what games have I skipped out in playing?

Halo: Combat Evolved

“Blasphemy!” I can hear you saying already.  “How can you call yourself a gamer & never finished Halo!?”  Well, at least I played it.  This was actually the second game my dad bought for the XBox (he originally bought it but I quickly took it over), & it was after this game that I realized the XBox was a good choice.  I only  made it about half way through the game.  I think the level I stopped at was after you first meet the Flood.  There are a couple of reasons I never finished Halo.

  1. I’m not a big shooter fan.  As far as shooters go Halo had a pretty good plot.  Yeah, at its core it’s basically just “kill everything,” but there was more going on than that.  The banter between Master Chief & Cortana was always amusing.  Mostly though, I suck at shooters.  I have terrible aim, with two exceptions.  I’m good at being sneaky & using a sniper rifle, or running around with a shotgun.
  2. I had no one else to play with.  Back then there was no such thing as XBL, & even if it had existed I didn’t have the internet connection for it.  I don’t have many gaming friends, so I’ve only been able to play multiplayer twice.  It was a lot of fun though.  I actually played with a friend recently.  He beat me, of course, being better at shooters.  (It’s okay, though.  I kicked his butt at Dead or Alive.)

Halo’s playable on the 360, so I could finish it, but I’ve just never cared to.  It was fun, but not enough to keep my attention.

The 1st time I stepped out of the escape pod onto Halo, I was in awe.

Viva Piñata

This early 360 purchase was a big mistake.  I’m sure it’s a good game, it’s just not for me.  I thought I’d try it out after seeing a review.  It was fun for a while but I quickly lost interest.  If you’ve never played it before, Viva Piñata is a bright, vibrant game where you collect, raise & sell living piñatas.  You start out with a small patch of land & two worm piñatas (of course they’re not called worms, they have colorful names).  Gradually you gain more piñatas by satisfying the requirements to make them stay.  Oh, & you can always smash them open with a shovel & watch the other piñatas eat the candy they behind.

For me, the game just didn’t have enough to keep me playing.  I leveled up quite a bit on my first game, but after a while the piñatas were too much trouble.  They kept getting sick, & some strange animal kept sneaking into my farm & making them sick.  Towards the end I just kept smacking it with my shovel trying to kill it, but it just wouldn’t die.  I’m sure this is a fun game for some, but it’s just not my style.

Forget the stork, dancing leads to babies in this game.

Titan Quest

A lot of people say this is a Diablo clone.  A good clone, but a clone nonetheless.  But since I never played Diablo, I can’t say.  Besides, just because a game uses some ideas from a successful game doesn’t make it a clone.  If that were the case, every shooter would be a Doom clone.  Regardless, once I got a computer that could handle the graphics for this game, I enjoyed it.  But I stopped playing it long before I beat it.  Titan Quest is a good game.  The skills you gain are fun to use, especially when you gain two classes.  With a good computer, the graphics are great.  And I love mythology.  So why didn’t I finish it?

I think the main reason I stopped playing was because I’m a horder… or maybe obsessive-compulsive.  I absolutely have to take every piece of equipment back to sell.  With limited inventory, this can mean a lot of trips back & forth between towns & dungeons.  Even when limiting myself to good or unique items, it’s still rather tedious.

I would like to finish this game.  Maybe I can overcome my hording & get re-motivated again.

When you zoom in close, the visuals are very nice.

Divinity II

Despite what some people say, I really enjoyed this game.  If you can overcome the steep difficulty curve for the first ten levels or so, it has some fun aspects.  Flying around as a dragon is awesome, & feels like flying should.  The lock-on feature does give magic & archery an advantage over melee.  Exploding Arrow is the best skill I’ve seen, since at a high enough level it can take out a group of enemies at once.  I’ve actually made it past over half of the game.  I stopped on the third fortress.  But why?

I think the reason I never picked the game back up was because I made the mistake of learning how the main game (meaning not including the add-0n) ends.  It just kinda kills the experience, & I lost the motivation to see the game through to the end.  But with the add-on, which I don’t know how it ends, I may pick it back up again.

You don't become a dragon until the 2nd half, but it's the best part of the game.

Has anyone else ever had this problem before, where you liked a game but for some reason just never got around to finishing it?

– GamerDame


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