First Impressions: Rez HD

For those of you old enough to remember, Rez was a rail shooter on the Dreamcast & PS2 back in 2002.  The game received excellent reviews, being applauded for its combination of visuals & sound design.  Electronic music plays through all the levels, with the beat changing based the player destroying enemies.  Rez HD is a high-definition re-release of the original game available on XBL Arcade.

I’d never played the original Rez, because I never owned a Dreamcast or PS2.  But I had heard of the game before.  Its tripy graphics & mesmerizing soundtrack gave the game excellent reviews by all who  played it.  So when I saw it on the Arcade, I decided to give it a try.  Playing through the trial version, I really enjoyed myself.  Although the graphics are essentially just neon lines on a black background, it helps create an immersive world that works with the game’s story.  It’s certainly what I’d describe as “tripy,” but the graphics don’t distract from the game.

Part of the first boss fight

Gameplay is pretty simple: hold A to lock onto targets, use the left stick to highlight enemies, & release.  I like the fact that you can target multiple targets at the same time.

Obviously, the music is the best part of the game.  I’ve only played through Area 1 so far, but the music started out slow & then increased in tempo with each stage.  I like that the sounds change based on how you’re doing in the game, especially when you lock onto the multiple enemies at once.  The electronic music is very catchy & suits the game very well.

So far Rez HD is shaping up to be a unique & enjoyable game.  Hopefully I’ll be able to give a full review soon.

– GamerDame


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  1. i love rez! I play the original on Dreamcast from time to time and it it still a fantastic game. glad to see someone else appreciate it.

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