Mass Effect 3 Collector Edition

If you’re like me, BioWare’s announcement that Mass Effect 3 was being pushed back to March 6 made you want to scream.  But likely in an attempt to belay our rage, BioWare also announced its N7 Collector’s Edition, available upon preorder.

BioWare is no stranger to including bonus content in their newly released games.  New copies of Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age Origins & Dragon Age 2 all included free downloadable content as well as promotional items from some of the retailers.  Although this is a good deal for consumers, because it saves you money, it also makes good business sense.  By offering some extra content for free, it encourages consumers to purchase the games early, instead of waiting to buy used or reduced priced copies.

The N7 Collector’s Edition will top all of these offers.  Not only does it include bonus in-game items, but more tangible bonuses as well.

In-game Content includes:

  • N7 Arsenal Pack: includes an N7 version of the pistol, sniper, shotgun & SMG.  Although specifics haven’t been revealed about their capabilities, it can be assumed that these are stronger versions of the normal counterparts.
  • Robotic dog: this mechanical companion will apparently keep you company aboard the Normandy.  It appears to be a more streamlined version of the Fenris mechs from ME2.  No word yet if it will have any other function than decoration.
  • Squadmate Alternative Outfit Pack: alternative armor appearances for your squad.  So far this has only been said to apply to Ashley, Kaiden, Liara & James Vega.  Unsure if it will apply to other members.
  • N7 Hoodie: another clothing item for Shepard’s casual wear on the Normandy.  I was a little bummed when I realized it wasn’t a real N7 hoodie.
  • Additional mission
  • Additional character
  • Digital Soundtrack: ME has always had some pretty good music, so I’m sure ME3 will be no exception.
  • Normandy prop for your avatar: only available on XBox.

Tangible bonuses include:

  • Art book: a 70 page art book with illustrations from the Development Team
  • Dark Horse Comic Book: I’m not a big comic book person, so this is of little interest to me.
  • N7 fabric patch: to make your own N7 hoodie.
  • Lithograph print: a 4×6 print with one-of-a-kind art.  I assume from the description each piece will be completely unique.
  • Case: entire pack comes in a metal case with both male & female Shepard artwork.
  • BioWare also states the collection will include a “collection of forum and social badges, avatars, and perks,” whatever that means.

The collection is priced at $79.99.  Given the amount of content included, & the fact that the regular game is $59.99, twenty dollars extra is good price.  They say there’s a limited number available, but I suspect it’s more a matter of limited time rather than amount.  Regardless, I’ve already ordered my copy, but I still have to wait until next year.  Curse you, BioWare, for getting us all worked up!

– GamerDame


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