DLC Review: Overlord

I must say, I’ve been very busy since I got XBox Live.  My recent endeavor has been to play through Mass Effect 2 again with the new content that I didn’t have access to before.  I “finished” the game this afternoon, & went on to my first post-game dlc, Overlord.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be played at the end of the game.  In fact, depending on if you decided to blow up the Collector base or not, it might make more sense to play it earlier.  I found it a bit odd that I was still getting messages from the Illusive Man even after I’d basically told him to shove it.  Overlord has received positive reviews.  So is it worth it?

A glimpse of the Overlord

Plot:  Shepard receives a message that a Cerberus base has fallen out of contact.  You’re sent to Aite to investigate.  Once there, you find that the base has been overrun with geth & under the influence of a rogue VI.  The only survivor is Dr. Archer.  He informs you that the Overlord Project was an effort to gain control of the geth by combining a human with a VI, but everything went disastrously wrong when the man broke loose & started hacking their systems.  Now he plans to spread his “virus” throughout the galaxy, which would create a technological apocalypse.  It’s your job to stop him.


  • 4 assignments
  • 1 new world, Aite
  • 5 new areas
  • 1 vehicle, M-44 Hammerhead (if you don’t have the Firewalker dlc)
  • 1 upgrade, Heavy Skin (health +60%)
  • 2 achievements, Data Hound (collect all 6 data packs) & Digital Exorcist (complete dlc)
  • Total gameplay time added: around 2 hrs

Cost:  560 MP

Exploration is greatly improved over ME1, if limited

Opinion:  Although a little on the short side, this dlc is well worth the points.  The story is very engaging.  At first it seems similar to the Rogue VI assignment from ME1, but about half way through you realize more is going on than Dr. Archer told you.  I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I can honestly say this is one of the few times when I became emotional over a game (anger not counting).  I didn’t cry, but I became very misty eyed when I finally came face-to-face with the man behind the VI.  Pistol-whipping Dr. Archer was an added bonus at that point.

The dlc also lets you explore a bit with the Hammerhead.  According to BioWare, this dlc was intended to test out the new vehicle controls with exploration.  It works very well.  The Hammerhead is much easier to control than the Mako, & a lot more fun.  I’m sure I don’t have to explain my frustration at watching a tank roll over time & again.  No such problems with the Hammerhead.  It has thrusters like the Mako, but also a booster.  I think it controls better because it’s a hovercraft, so it doesn’t bounce around like the Mako — which usually resulted in flipping over.  My only complaints are that it doesn’t have a shield, so you have to constantly leave the battle to repair it, & it only has a single cannon.  The cannon has a high rate of fire, but for some reason my shots always wanted to arc away from my target.

Big Brother’s watching you

Although you don’t have a wide area to explore, it’s nice to get outside & ride around for a while.  Hopefully more of this will be incorporated into ME3.  The path to the override switches is different for each area, so there’s nice diversity in gameplay.

Here’s a list of some of the tasks you’ll be performing:

  1. Hopping across lava streams a la Frogger
  2. Playing tag with a geth laser (which killed me twice)
  3. Making a solo trek through a virtual world after being “hacked” by the VI, where you have to fight off virtual but still very deadly geth
  4. Fighting geth on a collapsing satellite
  5. Flying into alien deer (& then being told they’re susceptible to missiles… what?)

Overall, if you have ME2 I highly recommend this dlc.  Even though it’s short, it’s very enjoyable.

– GamerDame


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